04 May 2017

Why Joining a Syndicate Could Help You Hit the Jackpot

3 Important Reasons Why You Should Join a Lottery Syndicate

It’s no secret that winning the lottery isn’t easy. There are, however, plenty of steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of hitting the jackpot in your favourite Australian or International lottery. One of those steps is to join a syndicate. When you consider that 1 in 5 lottery jackpots are claimed by syndicates, you would be crazy not to join one if you’re serious about becoming a mega-milionaire! Here’s three important reasons why you should be part of a lottery syndicate.

3 Important Reasons Why You Should Join a Lottery Syndicate

1. More Bets Means More Chances!

When you join a lottery betting syndicate, you instantly increase your odds of winning the lottery. The reason for this is because you are effectively pooling your money with others in order to buy more bets, and therefore more chances, in a particular lottery draw. When you bet on the lottery on your own, you might only buy a few bets in your favourite lotto. But in a syndicate, you can be a part of often over 100 different bets in the one lottery, which drastically increases your chances of landing the big one!

Sure, if you win the jackpot with your syndicate you will have to share your winnings with the other shareholders. For example, if you bought 2 shares in a 10 share syndicate and the winning jackpot was $100 million, your winning share would be $20 million (1 share = $10 million). But isn’t a 20% share of $100 million better than 0% of $100 million?


2. More Cost-Effective!

One of the great things about syndicates is that despite having more bets and a greater chance of winning, depending on the syndicate and the amount of shares you buy, you can still choose to spend approximately what you would normally spend betting on your favourite lottery on your own. This is because you are sharing the costs of the bets with other members of the syndicate.

Let’s use Saturday Lotto again as an example. A popular bet for an individual in Saturday Lotto is 12 games, which costs you $8.40 at Lottoland. A popular syndicate bet in Saturday Lotto is a six share syndicate which costs $10 per share. This six share Saturday Lotto syndicate includes 84 bets in the Saturday Lotto. So, for just $1.60 more than what you spent on 12 bets, you will instantly be a part of 84 bets in the Saturday Lotto. That’s 72 more chances you have of winning the lottery!

Having more bets in the lottery means a better chance of winning and a better chance of picking up a few wins in the lower divisions while you wait for all of your lucky numbers to come up. Syndicates give you an increased chance of hitting the jackpot because you’re pooling your money with others to place more bets.

Depending on the syndicate you choose, shares can cost as little as $2.50 each, and go up to $100 or more each.


3. Join Anonymously and Hassle Free at Lottoland

Lottoland takes the hassle out of being a part of a lottery syndicate.

Traditionally, syndicates have been organised between a group of family members, friends, work colleagues or a local sports team. Each syndicate would require someone responsible for collecting all the money from each member, buying the tickets and distributing all the winnings – sometimes on a weekly basis! For this reason, many syndicates would fail to last long because of the hassle to maintain them.

Lottoland syndicates are simple to join and all of the hard work is done for you! Lottoland players simply choose a syndicate in either an Australian or International lottery, and then decide how many shares to purchase. All of the administration and payouts are then taken care of by Lottoland. All the fuss and confusion of a traditional syndicate is completely eliminated! What’s more, joining a Lottoland syndicate is anonymous as you are simply partnering up with others who have purchased shares in that particular lotto syndicate.


4. How to Join a Lottoland Online Betting Syndicate

Lottoland syndicates are easy to join. Simply go to the syndicates section, where you will find a selection of available syndicates to choose from in both Australian and International Lotteries.

Once you have decided which syndicate, all you have to do is decide the number of shares you wish to purchase, and sit back and watch your winnings come in! Good luck!