10 March 2017

Why Do Millions of People Choose Us?

10 Reasons to Bet With Lottoland

Last year we welcomed two million new players to Lottoland around the world, and gave out millions in prizes to the lucky people who won with us. The concept of lottery draws have been around for thousands of years, with the core principles remaining largely unchanged, so you might ask, why are lotto lovers flocking to us all of a sudden? At Lottoland we're all about taking lottery out of the dark ages, and into the future, offering something extra to our rapidly changing, and improving, world of lottery. So here are 10 reasons why you should consider betting with us! 

10 Reasons to Bet With Lottoland

In a hurry? Here's a summary of the 10 reasons to bet at Lottoland.

  1. The Biggest Jackpots
  2. Over 25 Lotteries to Bet on
  3. Special Jackpots
  4. Double Your Jackpot
  5. Guaranteed Winnings
  6. Discounts, Offers and More
  7. Cheapest Australian Lotto Betting Prices
  8. NumberShield
  9. Player Protection
  10. Lottery Betting Apps

For more detailed information keep on reading.

1. The World's Biggest Lotteries, the World's Biggest Jackpots

Last year saw a whole host of record jackpots: the US Powerball hit a mouth-watering $1.6 billion USD (approx. $2.3 billion), El Gordo topped €2.3 billion (approx. $3.3 billion) in prize money, and Italy's SuperEnalotto reached €163.5 million (approx. $226 million) – a domestic record.

For most people these incredible jackpots would have only been available if they resided in America, Spain or Italy, but not for Lottoland customers.

2. A World of Choice

Over 25 different lotteries from 5 different continents plus your favourite Australian lotteries, there is a jackpot to bet on for everyone.

3. Bigger Jackpots: Special Jackpots

Rollover Reloads and Special Jackpots give Lottoland customers the chance to win bigger than anywhere else.

The week after a big rollover jackpot is won can often leave you feeling a bit deflated, after weeks and weeks of incredible jackpots, that's why we like to drop in bigger jackpots than you'll find anywhere else.

We'll be running these throughout the year, so stay tuned to see when you can win bigger!

4. Double Your Jackpot

Our lotteries comes complete with a set of amazing special features to enhance your lotto experience. At the touch of a button you can double your potential winnings with our DoubleJackpot feature!

5. Guaranteed Payouts

As a Lottoland player your winnings are fully guaranteed and protected by multiple layers of government regulation. Lottoland Australia is regulated by the NT Government.

As is the case with all the top gaming companies, Lottoland's headquarter is based in Gibraltar and we are licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. These much sought-after licenses are only granted to companies who meet very strict criteria. A key requirement is our ability to pay out all our customers. To this end, we are subject to regular, independent reviews by leading financial auditors.

All our big jackpots are fully underwritten by major international insurance companies. This means you can bet in confidence with us, knowing that, no matter how much you win, you'll always get your money.

6. Discounts, Offers and More

If you're subscribed to our email updates, or follow us on social media, you'll already know we give out discount deals and offers like they're going out of fashion.

Whether it's a buy one get one free bet on US Power, or 10% off subscriptions, we've got something for you.

It's just one of the many ways we have of giving you the best experience possible – it's no surprise that over 5 million people now choose Lottoland!

7. The Cheapest Australian Lotto Betting Prices

At Lottoland Australia we are offering the lowest prices to bet on your favourite Australian Lotteries, starting at just $0.60 per Game for the Mon & Wed Lotto. Furthermore, there are no minimum games, you can bet from just one game per lottery! This is a great option if you are trying new lotteries that you haven't bet on before!

8. NumberShield - Never Share a Jackpot

You are matching all winning numbers and win the first division, the jackpot, once in your life and then there are other winners you have to share your jackpot with? Not at Lottoland where you can shield your numbers and protect your jackpot. If you win the jackpot and have the NumberShield option activated for your winning bet you will receive the entire jackpot amount to yourself, no need to share! How good is that?

9. Player Protection

Player protection and privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All sensitive or confidential information is processed in a safe, secure fashion.

Our commitment to responsible gaming also means we have multiple safeguards in place to ensure you never bet more than you can afford.

10. Bet on the Go with Our iPhone and Android Apps

We know you like to bet on the go, wherever and whenever, which is why we have our very own Lottoland app.

Complete with our full array of lotteries, you can enjoy the great Lottoland experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Want a great user experience? Our app banked the Best Lottery App award last year's Gaming App Awards. So you can bet in confidence, knowing you're having the best experience going!