06 March 2017

Sanity and Privacy that's far from the Maddening Crowd

10 Places to Hide when You Won the Lottery

Let's face it, lottery win or not, there's a lot to be said about "getting away from it all". And usually when we say "it" what we really mean is "them". It's always good to get far from the maddening crowd, in some cases the farther the better. Thing is, how far you can truly get away often depends on your budget. 

10 Places to Hide when You Won the Lottery

As a lottery winner, however, you have the chance to get away in style. Furthermore you have a strong incentive to do so, especially if you wish to get away from nosy neighbours and press hounds!

Which is precisely why we've compiled this list of some of the top places to escape to. They're exclusive, they're exotic and they're remote – often very remote!  

1. Alice Springs

So, you want to get away from people, someplace remote? Well then why not visit the most remote town in all of Australia, slap bang in the centre and approximately 1,500 kilometres from the nearest populated area. It's nestled deep within the outback and scorching hot (49+ degrees in summer). It's also very close to Uluru / Ayers Rock one of those landmarks that foreigners flock to see yet many Australians have yet to see. Isn't it time you checked it out for yourself? 

2. Lizard Island

It's the same no matter where you come from; there are tourist attractions right there in your back yard but you never go to see them, except perhaps if distant relatives come to visit from abroad. Our first choice may be distant, but it's still easily accessible. Our second local pick, however, is anything but. Lizard Island is 1,624 km off the Queensland coast, located right on the Great Barrier Reef, and is only accessible by charter plane. The island is a national park and also home to Lizard Island Resort, a luxury destination which focuses on equal parts luxury and adventure (specialising in diving tours of the nearby reef) and is certain to leave you feeling both refreshed and relaxed. 

Lizard Island

3. Kauri Cliffs, Matauri Bay, New Zealand

So, you want to get away from Australia but don't want to venture too far, you simply want some time and space to think about your windfall without the risk of meeting anyone you know or being recognised? Well, maybe it's time to visit the neighbours. Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand offers luxury accommodation with spectacular sea views and represents the perfect fusion of manmade (luxury) and natural beauty. Getting there requires a flight to Auckland followed by an hour-long helicopter ride. Check out the Owner's Suite, which comes with its own infinity pool to relax in. There's also plenty of outdoor activities to be had, including hiking, hunting, fishing and golf. 

Kauri Cliffs Lodge New Zealand

4. Deception Island, Antarctica

What? New Zealand's not remote enough? You want to get farther huh? But you still want to stay relatively close to Australia. Ok, well let's push the boat out further. Deception Island is essentially an active volcano sitting right on the edge of Antarctica. Cold though it may sound, the volcanic springs are quite popular with tourists. Well worth looking into for the experience alone – after all it's not everyday you get to enjoy Antarctica in your swimmies

5. Robinson Crusoe Island

Only thing with Deception Island (well, other than its name) is that, although remote, it's not exactly what one might call a tropical paradise. Robison Crusoe Island, as its name suggests, is quite remote. What it lacks in penguins it more than makes up for in palm trees. The island is jointly administered by Australia and Fiji and is home to an exclusive eco-tourism resort. It also lives up to its name by offering an experience that's as close as you can get to being marooned on an island paradise as it's possible to have in the 21st century. So yes, there's wifi!

6. Pitcairn Islands

Located far off the east coast of Australia – approximately 9,600km – the British-owned Pitcairn Islands are another tropical paradise. No surprise the islands are almost entirely dependent on tourism and their exclusive luxury resorts are incredibly popular. 

7. Easter Island

Heading further out into the Pacific, Easter Island is a top must-see location on many people's travel lists. The island lies in the Pacific, far off the coast of Chile, and is most famous for the iconic Moai statues, which have fascinated Westerners since their discovery by Europeans in the 1700s. The island itself is shrouded in mystery, so much that even today historians still struggle to piece together its history. It's also quite a remote place, and deeply spiritual. And, to add some exclusivity to the mix you can stay at the highly-rated Posada de Mike Rapu eco resort. 

8. Desroches Island Resort, Seychelles

Stone heads are all well and good, and, stunning as the maoi are at first, after a week you might well find yourself thinking, if you've seen one you've seen 'em all! So if it's true tropical luxury you're looking for then we've got just the place. The Seychelles are a remote island group in the Indian Ocean. The Desroches Island Resort offers stunning scenery, luxury and kilometres of unspoilt beaches in all directions. There's also plenty of activities, though we'll understand if you'd rather kick back and be lazy for a while!

Desroches Island Resort Seychelles

9. Blancaneaux Resort, Cayo District, Belize

The former British colony of Belize is hugely popular with tourists since it offers all the best that Central America has to offer, but in English. Of course you don't want to be crammed in an all-inclusive with a bunch of sweaty tourists, so in this instance we're going to filter them out by price-range. So we're going with Blancaneaux Resort, which is only accessible if you charter your own plane. It's owned by Francis Ford Copolla, the legendary auteur behind classics such as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. Of course you'll get a very different jungle experience if you stay here with its relaxing atmosphere and amenities which include its own waterfall spa. 


10. Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

This exclusive hotel resort has been the recipient of countless awards and praise from hospitality industry publications and websites, and the reasons are plain to see. Nestled within Arenal Volcano National Park, in the jungles of Costa Rica, it's a true tropical paradise. The resort is nestled within the plush jungles and is fed by thermal mineral springs. Since the Garden of Eden is currently closed to the public we can think of no better place to relax and unwind. 

Navara Springs Resort