The Most Frequent Numbers in Lottery Draws

These are Australia’s Hottest Lotto Numbers!

24 February 2017 - Which numbers have been drawn the most and the least in Aussie lotteries? Check out the list of the hot and cold numbers of your favorite lottery!
Girl showing mobile with Lottoland App

Looking for a Good Lotto App?

Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!

23 February 2017 - Bet on the world's biggest jackpots on the go, check results, special offers and more! Download the Lottoland App to bet on Australian and International Lottos!
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Making Smart Bets

Quickies vs. Manual Pick: How to Best Choose Your Numbers?

21 February 2017 - How do you usually select your numbers? Check out the pros and cons of using Quickies or manual picks and learn how to make smart bets!

How to Boost Your Chances

Will I Win the Lottery Tonight?

17 February 2017 - Ever wondered if you will win the lottery tonight? Of course you have! The question is, how? We look at some of the best and boldest ways to improve your chances.

Another Lucky Australian Winner!

Queensland Man Wins US Power on His First Game at Lottoland!

14 February 2017 - This man from Queensland played US Power at Lottoland for the first time and WON! Meet our latest US Power winner!…more

We’ve Increased all our Australian Jackpots By $1 Million

ONE MILLION More Reasons to Bet with Lottoland!

13 February 2017 - Your jackpot is now worth $1 million more than the official amount! Check out the details of this exclusive promotion by Lottoland. Don't miss out! …more

Brookvale Oval is Renamed 'Lottoland'!

Sea Eagles Jackpot in Mega Deal With Lottoland

12 February 2017 - The Sea Eagles and Lottoland just announced a multi-million deal which sees the team's home ground renamed as “Lottoland”. Read here the details!…more

Where Do People Win the Lottery the Most?

The Luckiest Australian States Revealed!

09 February 2017 - We revealed the statistics about lottery wins per region in Australia in 2016! See now if you live in one of the luckiest states of the country!…more

Your Chance to Bet on the Lotto Tonight

When Is the Next Lottery?

08 February 2017 - Wondering when the next lottery jackpot is? Check out our full list of lottos to see when your next chance to win big is.…more

What Can You Afford Around the World

The Value Of Money

24 January 2017 - See how the value of money changes around the world, and discover the purchasing power of the average wage in Australia! …more

The Secrets of Success

How to Set Realistic New Year's Resolutions

16 January 2017 - We all struggle to keep our New Years resolutions. So here's some real practical advice on how to make them a success - and it's easier than you think!…more

Meet Britain's Biggest Winner

UK Player Wins Big On El Gordo

28 December 2016 - A Lottoland player from the UK has scooped an incredible £422,000 (approx. $720,000) in Lottoland's Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot! …more