French Lotto Help & FAQ

French Lotto Draws Draw Times Minimum Jackpot Prize Divisions Cost per Game
Mon, Wed, Sat 8.30pm CET €2 million (approx. $3 million) 9 $4.25

When Is the French Lotto Draw?

The French Lotto draws takes place three times a week every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at around 8.07pm CET (3.07am AEST/5.07am AEDT).

How Much Does it Cost to Bet on the French Lotto?

A single standard game for the French Lotto costs $4.25. System Bets for French Lotto start at $8.50 for a System 05-02 (5 numbers, 2 stars).

How Do I Bet on the French Lotto?

Simply select 5 numbers from the main pool of 1-49 and a further lucky number (bonus number) from a pool of 1-10.

You can also bet on the French Lotto on your mobile while you’re on the go! The free Lottoland App is available for your iPhone or Android smartphone and simple to use.


Why Should I Bet on the French Lotto?

  • The sheer frequency of this draw (three times a week) means you’ve got a hat-trick of chances to become a millionaire each week.
  • As €1 million (approx. $1.5 million) is added to the pot each time it rolls over, the jackpot can grow very quickly.
  • The French Lotto offers a high chance of winning any prize – 1 in 16 for getting just 2 numbers.

How Much Can I Win From the French Lotto?

The French Lotto has a minimum jackpot of €2 million (approx. $3 million), however due to the frequency of draws (three times) a week the jackpot often far exceeds this figure as €1 million (approx. $1.5 million) is added each time the draw rolls over. The French Lotto jackpot is capped at €36 million (approx. $57 million), which means the draw can roll over a maximum of 34 times before it must be won, although the likelihood of this happening is very slim. If the draw is not won on the 35th rollover the top prize will roll down to the next winning prize division.

What Are the Odds of Winning The French Lotto?

The chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 19,068,840 – which is very reasonable compared with the majority of European lottos. There are eight more winning prize divisions available on the French Lotto. The table below contains a full explanation of winning prize divisions, together with the chances of winning and payouts for each prize division. The payouts for each prize division are the same as those paid out for the €6 million (approx. $9 million) Jackpot draw on June 20th 2015. The average prize amount fluctuates with the exchange rate from Euros to AUD and is dependent on the size of the jackpot. The figures below should therefore be used as a guide only.

Prize Tier Odds of Winning Estimated Prize Payout
5 numbers + Bonus number 1 in 19,068,840 Jackpot
5 numbers 1 in 2,118,760 €100,000 (approx. $140,000)
4 numbers + Bonus number 1 in 88,677 €1,000 (approx. $1,400)
4 numbers 1 in 9,631 €500 (approx. $700)
3 numbers + Bonus number 1 in 2,016 €50 (approx. $70)
3 numbers 1 in 224 €20 (approx. $28)
2 numbers + Bonus 1 in 144 €10 (approx. $14)
2 numbers 1 in 16 €5 (approx. $7)
0 numbers + Bonus number 1 in 18 €2.20 (approx. $3)

How Do I Improve My Chances of Winning the French Lotto?

Statistically speaking the more times you bet the better your chances of winning, so betting regularly and consistently or, better yet, use our Subscription feature so you need never worry about missing one of the draws each week. We also recommend you try using system bets – allowing you to enter more than the standard five numbers in multiple combinations to increase your chances of winning. This feature is enabled automatically if you click on more than five numbers.

What Do I Do If I Win?

As a Lottoland® player you will be automatically informed of results and any winnings will be credited to the balance of your Lottoland® user account automatically. You then have the option of using these winnings to bet on more games, or you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Please note that all new Lottoland® players must first verify their identity before any withdrawals can be made due to Australian Federal Government Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Refer to our help section to find more information about how to verify your identity.

What Is a Subscription?

Subscriptions remove the hassle of buying repeat lines and the fear of missing out on that big jackpot win. Our Subscription feature allows you to set up a reoccurring bet or bets on a given lottery draw. The subscription is open ended and will run for as long as you want it too. You can opt out at any time and cancel the subscription in your player account. Please find more information here: How to cancel a subscription

What Does "Place bet when" mean?

This option allows you to only bet when the jackpot is a set amount or higher. So if you choose $7 million, you will only bet on the draw when the jackpot is at a minimum of $7 million.

Are My Winnings Tax Free?

You will not be taxed on any winnings for this lottery.

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