EuroMillions Magazine

Everything You Need to Know About Us

Lottoland Australia Review

03 June 2016 - Everything you need to know about Lottoland - our licences, payouts, account verification, data security and special features. …more

Real Ways to Boost Your Chances

How to Win EuroMillions

02 June 2016 - Can you realistically improve your odds of scooping the next EuroMillions jackpot? We tell you how!…more

Because if You're Really Going to Do it, Do it with Style!

Top 10 Epic Ways to Quit Your Job

01 June 2016 - Last time we explained why lottery winners shouldn't quit their job, but if you're going to do it, might as well do it with style! …more

The First Step to Winning, Is Knowing How to Win

How Many Numbers You Need to Win the Lotto: Full List

26 May 2016 - To help you win the lottery it's important to pick the right one and know, first of all, the rules and how many numbers you need to win the lotto. …more

The MultiMillion Dollar Question

I Want to Win the Lottery - But How?

18 May 2016 - We all want to win the lottery, but actually doing it is extremely difficult. There are ways to help, however, as this wrap-up post explains.…more

Don't Burn those Bridges just yet!

9 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job after Winning the Lottery

21 April 2016 - A huge lottery win is no excuse for burning bridges. Here's 9 compelling reasons why you shouldn't just chuck your job plus some smart, fun alternatives.…more

Which Approach Is Best?

How to Choose Lotto Numbers

19 April 2016 - So, what's the best way to pick lottery numbers? We take a no-nonsense approach to determine, once and for all, what's the best method.…more

Winning the Lotto

7 Real Ways How to Win the Lotto!

15 April 2016 - Is there any real way you can increase your chances of winning the lottery? Definitely! We look at some verifiable ways of increasing your chances.…more
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