El Niño - Help & FAQ

What Is the El Nino Spanish Lottery?

The El Nino is an annual lottery that takes place on January 6th in Madrid, Spain. The El Nino is known for creating huge jackpots and in Spain is second only to the huge El Gordo de Navidad. The estimated prize pool for this draw is currently $950 million.

At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of this draw and win the same prizes as if you had bought tickets for the official draw in Madrid.

How Does the El Nino Work?

El Nino works more like a raffle than a lottery. There are no lottery balls, but rather tickets that are picked out of two huge containers, or drums – just like a raffle.

Players purchase tickets and each ticket has a number between 00000 and 99999. When the draw takes place, players win a prize if the numbers on their ticket match a ticket drawn from the drum.

The total prize pool is broken down into prize divisions and depending on the size of the prize depends on how many prizes there are in that division.

More than one person can buy the same ticket

In the El Nino, there are multiple ‘series’ of tickets, which is another way of saying that more than one person can have the same ticket number.

There are 40 ‘series’ in total, meaning that there are 40 sets of tickets from 00000 to 99999. This means that up to 40 people can potentially have the same ticket number that wins the first prize of €2 million (approx. $3 million). They will not share the prize – each individual ticket will win €2 million.

You can buy shares of ticket numbers

Each ticket is made up of 10 shares, meaning you can actually buy a single share of a ticket worth 1/10th of the total ticket and costs 1/10th the price. This also means that should that ticket win, the winner gets 1/10th of the prize.


To illustrate, consider the following example:

If a ticket number wins First Prize, then the holder of a ‘full’ ticket would win €2 million (approx. $3 million). A player that holds only a single share of that ticket – or 1/10th – would win ten times less: €200,000 (approx. $300,000).

How Does Betting on El Nino at Lottoland Work?

At Lottoland you are betting on the outcome of the El Nino draw. You choose a five-digit ticket between 00000 and 99999 that you think will be drawn on January 6th each year in Madrid.

If your ticket number is drawn, then you will win the same prize as if you had purchased a ticket for the official draw in Spain.

If you choose the ‘full ticket’, you will receive the full cash amount for that prize division. If you bought a share, or shares, you will receive a percentage of the prize money equivalent to your share.

How Is El Nino Available at Lottoland?

At Lottoland you are able to bet on the outcome of a wide range of lotteries from around the world including El Nino. It is the same as betting on any event from around the world, only in this instance, the money that you win is the same as if you had bought the equivalent ticket number for the official El Nino draw in Madrid.

For more on how our Lotto Betting model works, you can visit "What is Lotto Betting?".

When Does the El Nino Draw Take Place?

The El Gordo draw takes place each year on January 6th in Madrid.

How Do I Bet on El Nino at Lottoland?

Click on the El Nino Lottery tab and then start by choosing your ticket number. This is a five-digit number from 00000 – 99999.

After this you have to choose whether you want to buy a full ticket or a share of a ticket. A full ticket costs $349.99, but you can buy a percentage for as little as $6.99.

Next click ‘Submit’. After this you will be taken through to the shopping cart where you can complete your purchase.

How Much Does it Cost to Bet on El Nino at Lottoland?

How much it costs depends on the ticket share you decide to purchase.

Our cheapest ticket share is $6.99, this is for 1/100th of a ticket.

The larger the ticket share you purchase the more you will save. For instance, if you purchased a full ticket you would pay $349.99, saving you 50%.

Ticket shares

Prize share






Save 7%



Save 14%



Save 28%



Save 36%



Save 40%



Save 50%

What Are the Odds of Winning the Jackpot?

The odds of winning a €2 million (approx. $3 million) jackpot on El Nino are 1 in 100,000.

How Do I Get My El Nino Winnings?

As a Lottoland player you will be automatically informed of results and any winnings will be credited to the balance of your Lottoland user account automatically. You then have the option of using these winnings to bet on more games, or you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Please note that all new Lottoland players must first verify their identity before any withdrawals can be made due to Australian Federal Government Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Refer to our help section to find more information about how to verify your identity.

Why Should I Bet on El Nino at Lottoland Australia?

There will be nearly $950 million in cash prizes up for grabs when the draw takes place this year, making El Nino one of the biggest lotteries in the world. The odds of winning a €2 million (approx. $3 million) jackpot are also outstanding at just 1 in 100,000, while there are more than 37,000 potential winning combinations for every ticket purchased. When you bet on the draw at Lottoland you have the same odds of winning a prize as if you had entered the official draw and you will also win the same cash amount should you get lucky. At Lottoland we also offer a range of pricing options to make this incredible draw accessible. You can purchase a full ticket with us – maybe club together with friends and family to make this possible? Or, you can purchase a ticket share for a fraction of the price.