Background Reading


New to Lottoland and confused by some of the terms in use here? The Glossary is your guide to the terminology used on the site.


The Imprint describes the operator of Lottoland, its seat of business, as well as provides information on liabilities and responsibilities.


The Netiquette section covers basic rules of conduct at Lottoland for the benefit of all players. It contains information on links, comments and anonymity.

Player Protection

Lottoland seeks to build on your enjoyment from betting on lotteries and the fascination with the many multi-million jackpots on offer. To preserve the entertainment value of betting on the lottery, we have implemented effective player protection measures based on the latest research findings and industry-standard player protection initiatives.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlines the data protection policies in place at Lottoland and describes the type of personal information we gather about you. The document also describes how we use the information gathered, and outlines the processing and transfer policies for the data gathered.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions (T's & C's) govern the legal relationship between yourself and Lottoland. Any updates to the Terms & Conditions will always be published on