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Australian Lottery Betting Online

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  • - Bet on the biggest lottery jackpots in the world!
  • - Over 4.5 million players worldwide and counting!
  • - Millions in prize money paid out!

Bet on International Lotteries

Fancy a change? Then why not try betting on the biggest jackpots from around the world. Lottoland® allows you
to win the jackpot amounts as the biggest and best lotteries worldwide — so it’s also ideal for expats looking for a taste of home.

The Euromillions is Europe's most popular lottery with the biggest jackpots. Draws are held each Tuesday & Friday in France.

Bet on the outcome of the EuroMillions for just $5.00!


Eurojackpot is Europe's biggest lottery in terms of number of players. Draws are held every Friday.

Bet on the outcome of the EuroJackpot for just $4.00!


The all-American MegaMillions boasts the biggest single winner jackpots in the world. Draws take place each Tuesday and Friday in the US.

Bet on the outcome of the MegaMillions from just $5.00!


US Power
With record jackpots US Powerball is one of America's most popular lotteries. Draws take place on Wednesdays & Saturdays.

Bet on the outcome of the US Powerball from just $5.00!

US Power

Bet on Australian Lotteries

Enjoy the convenience and security of betting on lotteries online with Lottoland®. No queues, no hassle -
now you don't even need to leave the house to win this week’s big jackpots amounts.

Mon & Wed Lotto
Bet on Australia’s Monday and Wednesday Lotto for an estimated $1 million or more.

Bet on the outcome of the Mon/Wed Lotto for just $0.60!

Mon&Wed Lotto

Tue Lotto
Famous for its huge, record-breaking jackpots (over $100 million!) the Oz Lotto draw is held every Tuesday night.

Bet on the outcome of the Oz Lotto for just $1.20!

Tue Lotto

Thur Lotto
The Australian Powerball draw takes place each Thursday night with minimum jackpots of $3 million.

Bet on the outcome of the Australian Powerball for just $0.90!

Thur Lotto

Sat Lotto
Just like the Mon & Wed Lotto, but with draws held each Saturday for an estimated minimum of $4 million.

Bet on the outcome of the Sat Lotto for just $0.70!

Sat Lotto
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Who are we and who can use Lottoland?

Lottoland is a global leader in online lottery betting. Holding Gaming Licenses in both Gibraltar and the UK and an online sports betting license issued by the Northern Territory of Australia under the Racing and Betting Act 1983 (NT) to accept wagers by telephone and via the website at www.lottoland.com.au.

Australian residents (excluding South Australia) can bet on any lottery offered on Lottoland.com.au.
All wins are fully guaranteed with jackpots underwritten by major insurance firms, so you can be assured you'll be paid, even if you win one of the jackpots!
Lottoland has offices in both Darwin and Sydney with its global headquarters in Gibraltar, where many of the world’s most prominent online gaming companies are also based.

What is Lotto Betting?

For more information about Lottoland's business model please refer to What is Lotto Betting?